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Use your construction revit models and produce Cutting Sheets directly from the model by using PipeFAB Tool for Revit.

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Generate Pipe Fabrication reports (Cutting Sheets) faster than ever before!



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In the past decade the building design industry has been moving into 3D Design (three dimensional), and most new building projects are now documented using REVIT 3D software.

This means, with a REVIT project, all building services, (mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and fire), will create their duct, lighting and pipework drawings from 3D models and co-ordinate using them.

To take advantage of the new technology, ‘3D Fire Pty Ltd’ has created a program called ‘PipeFAB’ which can automatically list the pipework in a REVIT 3D model, thus eliminating the need for manual spreadsheets.

This program is an ‘add on’ to the REVIT program.

By using PipeFAB pipe listing process is significantly reduced comparing to traditional 2D listing and mistakes are minimal.

PipeFAB can be used for listing all type of pipes, not just fire pipes.

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  • PipeFAB Full AU$ 3800

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